Cody Furst

I do my best to help you live a cool life

Who am I?

Hi I’m Cody. I’m a curious as fuck and obsessed with learning. I read a SHIT LOAD of books.. I got 3 cool friends, a husky named Milo and an insanely hot girlfriend. Most of our conversations are super weird and often lead to the universe, aliens, AI and food. I believe our minds are actually (no joke) insanely powerful, and I believe that everyone is capable of anything they put their mind too (shit I almost sounded like Tony Robbins there for a second).

Anyways. I struggled with social anxiety and a total lack of social skills for a huge chunk of my life and it caused me a shit load of suffering. This pain and misery lead me to a DEEP and EXTENSIVE self-exploration and learning everything I possibly could about psychology and human behavior. and guess what! I completely turned my life around. Now I just share everything I learned and help others.

Who do I help?

I primarily help guys in their 20s struggling with social anxiety and/or social awkwardness. I guide them through the psychological journey it takes to develop self-esteem and balls of steel confidence. I also teach and train them how to effectively communicate with other people and develop their own unique and likable social skills. So that they can have fun conversations with people, become awesome at meeting new people, making friends and maybe even getting themselves a hot girlfriend.

Whats my mission?

I believe in todays society young men are set up to fail. There is SO many young men suffering in silence and living a miserable life. So I’ve made it my mission to help them become awesome, crush it at life and learn to be happy.

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